Environmental performances are economic performances 

 We believe that the environmental and the economic performances are compatibles and inter-dependent, in a growing proportion.

We are, therefore, dedicated to developing successful projects to improve our clients’ environmental performances – both local authorities and private companies.

To take this challenge, we are offering the energy, creativity and experience of our team of professionals, in an integrated system of technological and financial solutions, permanently improved and adapted, each time, to our client’s needs.

Our consulting services support the local authorities and private companies to comply with the legal requirements in the field of environment, in Romania and the European Union, by applying simple and effective technologies, with low costs.


To reduce the financial effort of our clients, we make use of a good experience in accessing various financing sources, both grants and credits, for which we elaborate the entire evaluation and necessary documentation.


The technological solutions we propose have a wide applicability, at municipal, rural and industrial levels, having many of them – an innovative character on the Romanian market.

Our vision about the services we offer is that good ideas are materialized step-by-step, by capitalizing in optimum way the available resources – budget, people and time. We are looking to develop with our clients, through the successful implementation of the projects, long-term professional relations, based on trust, responsibility and added value.


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